About Vivian

Ever since I can remember, I have always been the one with the camera. My dad’s a photography enthusiast, so I always had nice cameras around growing up. I remember snapping away at birthday parties, during family trips, or just randomly. The thrill of waiting, and seeing the developed pictures from films gave me such fond memories. Inspired by my own wedding photos, I started Pichardo’s Darkroom Photography in 2012 to capture more people’s precious moments.  I have not put down my camera since.

My style of photography is natural light and journalistic, with minimal directing. I enjoy making photos from the heart. My aim is to capture that genuine smile and sincere connection from people in my photographs. I prefer to hang out with you, have fun and take pictures outdoors. I love that warm, soft, glow daylight gives you. I use post-editing minimally, only as an enhancement to your photos.

I love meeting people and learning about their stories. So please feel free to contact me with any question about my services and we can think about your project together.

A magical day

*photo taken by Angel Ivan Photography.


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